The Clinico-Patho-Correlation Quiz

Date : 1st August 2019


  • Eligibility criteria: 1st year MBBS to 3rd year resident of all departments

  • Syllabus - All clinical MBBS subjects

  • Register in teams of 3, Intercollegiate teams are allowed

  • Elimination rounds will be held in the morning and top 4 teams will qualify for the finals

  • Each team should have at least one UG student

  • Cash prizes and books will be provided to the winners

Registration fees :

Rs. 450 per team

For queries contact

Dr. Sushrut Ingawale: +91 9152730657


Abheer:+91 9920529293

Saumitra:+91 7045456558

Seth G.S.Medical college

Acharya Donde Marg,


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